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A third year software engineering student from McMaster University. Currently looking for opportunities such as internships/co-ops related to SWE or software development. Is defined as a team player with time-management skills and strong work ethic. Always willing to learn new skills and adapt to unprecedented situations.

Cyruss Allen Amante
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Software development is not just about programming. Building a product, that not only works, but works the right way is what I strive to accomplish. The skills that I have right now are not perfect, but with time and dedication I believe I am a student who has the potential to develop something big.


Throughout my undergraduate degree I have learned the importance of the mission that we as future engineers must do. As I develop my skills, I become equipped with developing a project while enacting on the guidelines and values that engineers across the globe keep.

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my work.

I am continuously working towards improving my software engineering skills both within my studies and personal life as well.


my videos.

I upload them... well, maybe sometimes. On here, I upload videos pertaining to another hobby of mine, music. Covers, original songs and just some of the things you can find on my channel.